Horse Boarding

Welcome to Myers Stables, a very private and comfortable facility for the discriminating boarder! Please browse our site to learn more about our horse boarding services and amenities.

Horse Boarding to Suit Horse and Rider...

At Myers' Stables, we have it.

We offer:
  • a beautiful, peaceful setting
  • spacious pasture land
  • a great location for riding
  • a super new (2004) indoor arena
  • plenty of options for riding off the grounds
  • access to game lands and state forest for all day trail riding

Read on to learn what makes us the best place to board in Lion Country!

Check out our peaceful surroundings...

Spacious, rolling pastures. Cool shady groves. A beautiful pond and distant mountains.

You can see why some people say we have the finest small farm setting around!

But that's not all we offer...

Our new Indoor Arena

It's here: Convenient riding, in any weather, night or day.

  • Roomy
    65 x 96 feet overall
  • Sound footing
    Sand/sawdust mix for great traction
  • Insulated roof
    Comfortable riding, summer and winter
  • Translucent eaves
    Maximum natural light
  • Low-bay lighting
    Glare-free white light for nights and evenings
  • Ventilated with maximum dust control
    Superior air quality for horse and rider

The Indoor has box stalls available!

Don't mind the weather! Convenient stalls right next to the indoor riding area.

Tack storage, water and electricity, right next to the arena stalls.

Training Equipment and Accessories

At Myers' Stables we specialize in training and caring for horses. We have an abundance of props and training accessories that are available to our boarders for working with their horses at no extra fee. These items include but are not limited to a 60' round pen, rails, barrels, bridge, cones, tarps and other tools. If you have a desire to expand your knowledge of training or want to strengthen your relationship with your horse, or if you would like to learn to be a better rider then consider taking advantage of these options as a boarder at Myers' Stables.

Trail Riding: Right Here

How long have you wanted a place like this to ride?

Located at the foot of uncrowded Sandy Ridge, we're just 3 miles from Pennsylvania's Moshannon State Forest and other beautiful state lands.
Hundreds of miles of peaceful, secluded trails and roads can be accessed nearby.


We offer the convenience of run-in access with your boarding. Whether stalled and turned out daily or housed with run-in access your horse always has the shelter it needs.

With run-in access boarding your horse always has access to shelter and may enter and exit at will.
With stall boarding, we turn out your horse daily, but guarantee it will always have its own stall.
Small additional fee for stall boarding in the indoor arena.

The Basics

Our goal is to make your life simpler and your horse happier and healthier.

We turn-out all horses daily.

In very hot months, horses are turned out at night and brought in during the day to minimize heat associated stress.

We use rotational grazing.

Several pastures are intensively managed to provide grazing throughout summer and fall. Each pasture has shelter and fresh water available at all times.

We ensure proper nutrition.

Boarding includes grain, hay, and free choice-trace mineralized salts.

We make it easy for you.

Tack storage areas and a wash bay are available for your use.

The Extras

We're here to help! Whether it's...

We'll work with you to arrange services you and your horse need. Don't have a horse of your own but want to pretend like you do? Ask about our LEASE PROGRAM to find an option that suits your needs.

What More Do You Need?

Whatever it may be, we can provide or arrange it...

  • Vet Care
  • Lay Up
  • Farrier Service
  • Transportation

We work with only the best available providers.

For details on our current care providers, please see our Boarding Agreement below.

Visiting Penn State?

Are you coming to central Pennsylvania?

We are convenient to State College, Altoona, and Penn State's main campus. We welcome overnight boarders!

Just contact us to make arrangements.

Naturally, for the safety of our horses and yours, we require appropriate health certificates, identification, and negative Coggins test results.

Convinced yet?

If you're ready to board with us, please review our boarding agreement documents...

Then contact us with any questions you still have about boarding at Myers' Stables.