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The Midwest Mustang Challenge sponsored by the Mustang Heritage Foundation in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management was held April 18th-20th in Madison Wisconsin. We participated along with approximately 55 other trainers from across the country and won the event in a thrilling 3-day extravaganza. The challenge is part of a program designed to facilitate adoptions of the mustangs. After only 100 days of training this originally wild animal became a very willing partner and advanced in his training to wow a croud of 9000 spectators in WI. It was truly an AWESOME ride! Go to: for more information on the mustangs and the mustang adoption program. Contact us if you may be interested in adopting a mustang. I would like to get feedback on who may be interested in mustang adoptions as I could potentially be training more for local adoptions if there is enough interest. We are thrilled to have Jazz back in our barn permenantly.

From "rags to riches"...this was Jazz when he first arrived at our barn. He was covered in mud from head to tail and barely wanted us to look at him. It's so hard to believe that in only a few short weeks and with patience and lots of good training, Jazz went on to excell in this very exciting event.

Jazz and I in our first interview, with well-known clinician and one of the judges for the event Ken McNabb, after winning the Mustang Challenge.

A shot of Jazz and me on Sunday April 20th after the competition while awaiting to enter the auction. All the mustangs were sold via live auction bidding to buyers that had a chance to see the horses skills and talents showcased throughout the weekend by means of the competition. I was fortunate to have been able to purchase Jazz back and bring him home to Port Matilda!!

Here is Jazz with his new favorite friends!


Meet JAVA... our first mustang we gentled under the Trainer Incentive Program (TIP) through the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Java is a 3 year old mustang from Nevada and was just recently adopted through our program by a wonderful person in Centre Co. PA. Java and her new owner will be enjoying many miles and good times together on the trails in PA. Please contact us if your are interested in adopting a gentled mustang and we'll go with you to a local adoption and help you make your choice from the mustangs available for adoption through the Bureau of Land Management. Call for more details of mustang adoptions or contact the bureau of land management directly through their website at . By adopting a mustang through us and the trainer incentive program, you can now receive a gentled mustang for the same adoption fee of $125.

People and Horses

Just another contented boarder gazing out from our new indoor arena...

Our daughter's pony's friend. When we bought her pony, we brought his friend Dusty home for our neighbors. Now they are both happy in their new homes!

A local preschool class visiting our stables for a field trip. They had lots of fun and asked many good questions. We often oblige groups such as this. See our Lessons page for more info.

This is my daughter and I with Clinton Anderson and Mindy after one of Clinton's clinics in Dillsburg,PA. We all had a great time!

Around the Farm

We've added on! We recently completed construction of a new 10 stall barn. First we had to move an existing overhang structure from the original 2-stall barn.

This took some ingenuity from the master contractor - my husband. Needless to say all went well and the overhang is now being used elsewhere on the property.

The original 2-stall barn was converted into a 10-stall facility. As you might imagine, we had a lot of help from our friends. Thank you all!

The new barn has 4 stalls on each side and 2 foaling size stalls at the end. Five of the stalls in this new barn open up to a dry lot for run-in convenience.

Lots of hard work but well worth it in the end.

A new look to the place and much more room for our equine pals.

A friend's aerial view of our farm shows its quiet isolated setting. This was prior to construction of our new barn and the indoor arena, which now stands at the bare spot in the upper left of this photo.

The lazy and green days of summer...

A little ingenuity...

We frequently design and build our own equipment to keep the business running smoothly. A recent item is this lightweight arena harrow and drag used behind a 4-wheeler or small tractor. It works beautifully to maintain our arena footing! We've also built a compact manure cart and many other smaller gadgets. If you need something for your horses and can't figure out how to design or implement it, just contact us!


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