Leasing or shareboarding a horse is the perfect avenue to experience ownership without the financial commitment. Itís also an excellent way to develop horsemanship skills, interact with others interested in horses, and enjoy equine activities while on a restricted schedule and/or budget. Ride it like you own it with a lease... Leases can be tailored to suit your schedule and budget constraints. Let us manage the details of everyday horse ownership and responsibility so you donít have to. Please contact us if you are intersted in riding or instruction through the leasing option.

Trail Riding

As a lessee you can enjoy miles of beautiful trails and all the amenities available to our boarders.


As a lessee, you will have the ability to add horsemanship and riding instruction to your selection of options. Learn the training techniques that we have found so successful or learn how to become a better rider. Whatever your pleasure, you'll find new ways to explore the world of horses with a lease.


If showing is your passion, but you need a horse to do it- we have quality horses that will bring home the blue. Lease a horse today and show all season.

Leasing Options

Exclusive Lease: You become the sole lessee of a horse for the duration of the lease. This option is great for those wanting to commit a large amount of time to horsemanship. Can be a very rewarding experience. Ö$350/mo

Full Lease: Allows use of a horse up to 6 days per week. Others may also lease the same horse. A great option for the serious equine enthusiast looking for regular interaction with their equine partner. ...$250/mo

Partial Lease: Allows use of a horse up to 3 days per week. A great option for those on a restricted schedule or beginners wanting to ease into horsemanship. ..$175/mo

Lease with Instruction: All leases can be structured to include individual instruction in horsemanship. Beginners, youth, or anyone seeking to advance their horsemanship skills can benefit greatly from our program. ...$60/hr


If you are interested in leasing a horse or want additional information to find out if leasing is right for you contact us for a consult to discuss your individual needs and options or to visit our facility. We'll be happy to show you our quality line of horses and tailor a leasing plan for you.


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We're happy to answer your questions regarding leasing and boarding. Feel free to call or email to get additional information.

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