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Myers' Stables is home to NEXT LEVEL HORSEMANSHIP a complete, multi-discipline training program designed to cover all your training needs at any level. For full details of our program please visit our training specific site

Partnership, Performance, and Possibilities!

Our program places primary emphasis on fundamental horsemanship and a solid foundation in groundwork. From colt starting to problem solving and finish work we can improve your horse's training with time tested, proven methods and lasting results. We have the facilities and the support you need to advance your horse's training to the Next Level and to improve your relationship with your horse.

All styles of training have basic areas in common:

Groundwork and manners

A firm foundation for your horse's future starts with proper instruction in groundwork and manners. Proper attention at this level can prevent bad habits, improve responsiveness, and lay the foundation for an unbeatable partnership between you and your horse and ultimately make the difference between a good horse and a great horse!

With years of experience starting colts, including gentling and training mustangs, problem solving, and training horses for show or for trail riding we can help ensure your horse acquires the right training in many vital areas.

Starting Under Saddle

Once a horse has a solid start with groundwork and manners, the next step is developing maneuvers and finesse under saddle.

At each step from start to finish our goal is to ensure your horse's wellbeing while maximizing its training. Our training methods combine the best of classical dressage training and natural horsemanship to maximize partnership and performance. And, we're there for you to offer guidance on our techniques to make sure you have the tools for long term success when you take your horse home.


With basics out of the way, it's on to the fun part: training your horse for your specific discipline...

cutting barrel riding reining western pleasure

We train for All-Around, Trail, Equitation, Reining, Western Pleasure, and other disciplines. We can help you obtain suitable training in whatever specialization you wish to pursue!

Problem Solving

Regrettably, even the best horse can pick up bad habits. Don't worry, we'll help!

Whether the problem came from a lapse in early training or was aquired by other means, we can help solve many forms of bad behavior and turn a negative situation into a positive experience and rewarding relationship between you and your horse.

Suzanne hosts several private clinics at her facility in Port Matilda each year and also gives clinics at various other locations. Please contact us if you are intersted in hosting a clinic at your facility. To view the most current schedule please visit All clinics held at Suzanne's facility will have a limited number of participants so register early if you are interested in attending.

Please Note: Proof of insurance is REQUIRED for ALL clinic participants. See below for additional requirements before registering as a participant.

What can you expect from Suzanne's Clinics...

You can surely expect to go home with a greater understanding of how best to progress to new levels with your horse. From basic to advanced ground maneuvers often forgotten in many programs to development of suppleness, lateral movements and advanced maneuvers under saddle our clinics help you advance to the next level with your horse. No matter where you're starting from, when you leave our clinics you will take with you the tools you need to progress you and your horse to the next level. Whether you bring your own horse or come as an auditor, you will gain take-home knowledge that will last a lifetime for an improved relationship with your horse and enable you to advance your skills for show or trail.

Types of clinics include:

Round Penning/Colt Starting:

Use of the round pen is an excellent means to establish first lines of communication with an un-tamed horse, extend communication with horses already in your program and/or build liberty techniques with your horse. Experience the breakthrough in communication with your horse through basic round penning techniques and how to use the round pen to problem solve various issues. Learn how the round pen can make effective use of your time when time is limited to keep your horse in tune for future training workouts.

Ground Work:

Our program places great emphasis on establishing a firm foundation on the ground. We believe ground work is fundemental to a successful and efficient transition to high school maneuvers. Learn what it feels like to achieve softness and responsiveness on the ground and learn how it affects your progress under saddle.


Our riding clinics incorporate the theories of multiple disciplines to give participants insight on various levels for advancing their horsemanship skills under saddle. Experience what it takes to achieve collection and suppleness under saddle, rollbacks, stops and spins. Or, gain an understanding of the maneuves of classical dressage. From starting your horse on its first ride to preparing for your first show, our clinics will advance you to the level of training you're looking for.


For a complete schedule of horsemanship and training clinics, please visit

New!Equine Masters Championship horsemanship versatility and hippology competition produced by Next Level Horsemanship- visit for details, dates, locations and sign up information!

If you are interested in sponsoring a clinic at your facility please contact us to be included in this year's schedule.

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